I knew that I was going to propose to my now fiancee, but I needed a ring, enter Cline Jewelers. A family member referred me to Cline and from the moment I walked in I was treated with the utmost professionalism, while still being down to earth. I worked with ... the owner, Andy and he walked me through the entire process of designing a custom engagement ring. He worked with my suggestions and came up with a ring that has wowed not only my fiancee but everyone that has seen it. He was upfront and honest about pricing, gave me a great price on scrap metal and stones that I had brought in for trade. He kept me informed throughout the entire process, offering to text, email or call from his personal cell phone as to not arouse suspicions as he crafted the ring. If anyone is looking for an honest, no pressure, professional and creative jeweler, look no farther than Cline Jewelers and Andy in particular. I will absolutely be returning to work with Cline and Andy for future jewelry needs. Read More
Cline jewelers is the best! My fiancé and I bought my engagement ring, and both of our wedding bands from them. We did custom rings and they executed our ideas perfectly! They are super knowledgeable and easy to work with.
I have been completely blown away by my experience at Cline Jewelers so far! I was recommended to this business by a co-worker, and after reading all the rave reviews on here I was even more encouraged to give it a try. I have often found that looking at jewelry ... can be fun, but I often am left feeling judged by the various employees working at jewelry stores. I have often found it to be quite intimidating. I have several pieces of jewelry that I wanted to have made into a unique piece designed for me. I had the wedding bands of my mom's, in addition to an anniversary ring that my husband had bought for me. I am not a big jewelry wearer so I wanted to have these items made into one piece that I would truly love and cherish. The anniversary ring I absolutely loved, but it was made horribly wrong. I have an incredibly small ring size (3-3.25), and the pervious jeweler had promised they'd be able to size the ring down to fit. The issue was the diamonds on the sides of the ring would not allow the ring to be sized down small enough to fit without popping out the diamonds. I knew this would be an issue, but I trusted they'd do it correctly. Sure enough, it was wrong and wouldn't fit. The prongs were also crooked and the ring ended up looking cheap. When I walked into Cline, I was immediately greeted with a warm welcome from everyone inside. Gina came over and helped me and we were able to take the value of the family rings I was given and use towards the purchase of the custom design we made. Gina helped me re-design my anniversary ring into a custom ring that was more like the ring I wanted in the first place. She also suggested incorporating a few of the diamonds from my mom's wedding ring into the new design (LOVE)! She also helped me pick out two delicate and unique bands that will compliment the ring beautifully since I will be wearing it in place of my wedding band and engagement ring. She also gave me a wonderful idea of how I can re-design my wedding set so that I can and still will wear it since it does have sentimental value. Don't worry, my husband was fully on-board with this since the anniversary ring was originally bought as a "replacement" for my wedding set. He said after 16 years together he can imagine my tastes have changed and agrees a new ring would be fun and appropriate. I have a keeper! I can't wait to pick up my ring when it's complete. I will update my post with before and after photos once complete. I had such a great experience I brought my sister in two days later and she also had a wonderful experience with Gina custom designing a ring as well and she couldn't be happier. We are both excited to pick up our rings next month! Read More
For my fiance's engagement ring, I wanted to buy from a smaller local jeweler and chose Cline after reading these Yelp reviews. I am very glad that I did as my experience was excellent and in line with what everyone else has been sharing. I worked with Ana who was ... extremely helpful and professional throughout my entire experience. I had done my research on engagement ring shopping to know the terms/quality scales, etc. but I was really hoping for help on the design as I wanted something perfect without soliciting input from my fiance. Ana had a series of questions that I was able to answer that made it very easy to narrow down the selections to something that would work great for me, making the a somewhat overwhelming process very easy. There was never any pressure on my selection, Ana did an outstanding job of providing excellent options but letting me make all of the decisions, I really appreciated the help I received. To top it all off, I misjudged the ring size a little bit and it ended up a bit too large and Cline resized the ring (on rush order to be ready before a vacation) for free with no hassle at all. I highly recommend checking out Cline, and working with Ana if you can. Even if you just want to look around I am sure you will have a great experience. Read More

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