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Roger's holistic and ethical practices are backed up by 36 trips to Africa, visits to over 450 mines, and faceting over 14,000 gems. He also comes alongside the miners and their families to support them and provide opportunities for growth, witnessing firsthand the power of gemstones to change lives. In August 2019, Cline Jewelers' own Gina Hawkins partnered with Roger on a trip to East Africa on a tour to both donate youth books to an orphanage in Kenya and bring back stunning gemstones to share with Cline Jewelers' customers.

Cline Jewelers is proud to partner with Roger Dery Gem Design, offering a collection of precision faceted, one-of-a-kind colored gemstones

The gemstones below are part of the Roger Dery Collection. This collection tours the country and is not available on a daily basis at Cline Jewelers. If you are interested in the gemstones below, please inquire or call ahead so that we can ensure we have your favorites available to view!

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