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A custom design that truly represents you, a loved one, or a cherished memory starts with your ideas. The artisans at Cline Jewelers work with you to create a special piece of fine jewelry, resulting in a piece that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

See some of our favorite original designs that our experts have crafted, and then stop in to find out what we can create for you, not available anywhere else.

Once a week, one of our favorite clients visits us with cinnamon and maple bar donuts. One day, she brought in a cabochon sapphire and moonstone, asking us to come up with a design. We created this concept inspired by her maple bar and cinnamon donuts – she loved it!

With four beautiful Tsavorite garnet gemstones, our client was searching for a brand new pendant design unlike any other that also retained the soft, curved vintage look she loves. Using her gemstones, we added a hexagonal African Amethyst with a lovely deep, rich purple. The amethyst and the four Tsavorite garnets set each other off to create a breathtaking final look.

Sarah came in with a vintage 14 karat white gold ring featuring a stunning 2ct center diamond surrounded by a black onyx ring that she inherited. She wanted to remake it with a modern style, but no concept seemed to be just right for the wider profile she was after. So we came up with a new idea: a delicate diamond ring guard that the vintage ring could slip right into. Sarah absolutely loved the design!

Bill and Lisa wanted to create a Mother’s Day ring that was unlike any other they’ve seen. They came to us, and with input from our designers we were able to come up with a really fun birthstone ring that their mother instantly fell in love with.

This beautiful pendant was designed for a client so that she could have one pendant to go with all of her earrings following the theft of some of her favorite jewelry. Using her loose stones, we drew out several designs for her to see and this one stood out to her as perfect.

Every winter, Jerry and Becky take a trip to Hawaii to slip on their flip fops and enjoy the beautiful sunshine! We designed this as a birthday gift for Jerry to give to Becky. This lovely charm lets Becky daydream about the Sun and fun until their next trip back!

Sarah’s mom gave her a yellow gold and diamond ring as a 30th birthday gift. Sarah loved the ring, but wanted to make it into something new. Using her mom’s diamonds, and adding in pink sapphires, we designed this brand new ring for Sarah to show off her own style!

This ring was custom designed for Jason to give to the love of his life, Alishia. With his own inspiration and help from the jewelers here at Cline Jewelers (who happen to be Jason’s future father-in-law and brother-in-law), he had this beautiful symbol of their devotion to each other made just for her.

This unique ring was designed for Karlla to feature both a larger diamond, as well as stones to symbolize her family. The largest stone represents her husband, while the other 5 beautiful diamonds represent her children and grand children.

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