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Has your fine jewelry seen better days? Bring your cherished pieces to Cline Jewelers, your local jewelry repair store, where our AGS certified jewelers will make them look as good as new.

What jewelry repair services do we provide? We’re glad you asked!

Looking At Diamond Under Magnifier

  • Ring resizing
  • Jewelry cleaning and polishing
  • Ring shank replacement
  • Stone tightening
  • Diamond and gemstone replacement
  • Diamond remounting
  • Prong tightening and retipping
  • Soldering
  • Chain shortening or lengthening
  • Chain repairs & clasp replacement
  • Rhodium plating
  • Arthritic Ring Solutions
  • Laser Jewelry Repair 


How To Tell If It’s Time For A Jewelry Repair

At Cline Jewelers, our jewelers repair all orders in-house to assure quality and timely service. We recommend getting your jewelry serviced every 6 months to ensure your pieces will maintain their natural shine but sometimes, life happens and you may have to bring those pieces in sooner than you expected! Here is a list of common jewelry repairs our team can help with. 

Resetting Diamond In RingBent Prongs

Our jewelry repair services cover a variety of damages but one of the most common jewelry repairs is bent prongs. If you find yourself in this situation, the ring should be brought to your local jewelry repair store for a professional assessment. Once a prong is bent or snagged, you run the risk of one prong or several prongs becoming misshapen and pulled off of the diamond. If left unrepaired for too long the prong can become broken off entirely. 

Bent Bottom Shank

Picking up heavy weights (with most of the weight resting on the bottom of the ring,) hitting something too hard, or any strenuous work could ultimately result in bending the bottom half of your ring causing it to become misshapen. If this ever happens to you, your favorite local jewelry repair store will be here to help you fix the problem.

Loose Side Stones

If you find that any of your side stones are loose, have a local jewelry repair store tighten the prongs or metal surrounding or holding the stone. To prevent this small jewelry repair from becoming a larger problem we recommend you visit your local jeweler every 6 months for a free cleaning and inspection.

Missing Side StonesBefore After Jewelry Repair Ring

If any of your side gemstones are missing, Cline’s jewelry repair service can assist you. We can help you reset the diamond if you still have it available or if you the stone is lost we can help you find a replacement. With jobs like this it is important to look beyond fast fix jewelry repairs and bring your jewelry in to a reputable jeweler to for repair.

Before & After (right): Our client brought us a gorgeous sapphire ring but it was missing a diamond on its side. We were able to repair this ring to it’s original shine!

In-Store Jewelry Maintenance

In an effort to fix any problems that may have been previously overlooked, it is important to bring your jewelry into your local jewelry repair store every six months for inspection before small problems become big problems. Routine jewelry maintenance can potentially save a lot of time and money.



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Jewelry Repair Frequently Asked Questions 

Will you set my broken or damaged gemstones?

Our in-house jewelers will carefully examine any damaged gemstones you present to us. If we feel like it is too great of a risk to set the stone, we would be delighted to discuss other alternatives that might help solve the problem. We understand the importance of preserving your valued pieces and while we are happy to point you in the direction of other options, we don’t assume any risk for further damage. 

Why is the bottom of my ring getting thinner? 

If your ring is made of any of the gold alloys, the material is slowly being rubbed away as you move through your daily life. The metal at the bottom takes most of the wear and tear and will wear down by about 50% in ~20 years.

We recommend avoiding gardening or any other heavy work with your hands while wearing your jewelry. Treat your ring like a tiny piece of artwork because that is what it is. If it is thin or cracking we can refurbish it with a new shank on the bottom half of the ring to make it look like a new ring again. Please schedule a consultation with one of our designers to discuss your options.

The bottom of my ring has cracked. What do I do?

Don’t worry, most of the time you didn’t do anything wrong! Gold wears down naturally over time with daily use. We see this often with gold engagement rings and bridal rings.  If your ring has cracked at the bottom, please make an appointment with one of our designers, and we can assist you in how best to solve the problem. It may be as simple as a solder or you may need to have a more extensive repair. However, we won’t be certain until we are able to examine it. 

Can you solder my broken chain?

Whether we can solder your chain depends on the type of chain it is. If the chain is any woven style and breaks anywhere other than at the ends, it is unfortunately not repairable. Please feel free to send us a quick photo through our online chat feature, and we will make sure to let you know if it is something we are able to fix. If not, we have a variety of chains to choose from if you need a replacement!

Do you replace watch batteries, and if so, how long does it take?

With most watch batteries, we are able to replace them and have your watch back on your wrist the following day. Our jewelers are working hard to fulfill the orders already scheduled for the day. If at all possible for you to come back the next day, we greatly appreciate your understanding.

What should I do if my ring is stuck on my finger?

In the event that your ring simply will not come off, it is best to contact your local jewelry repair store to cut off the ring for you; This jewelry repair service typically starts by inserting a ring cutter that fits between the bottom of the ring and your finger and then we carefully cut a very small section off. Once this is complete, you can slowly pull the ring apart and bring it over your knuckle. After this process, it is still possible to repair the ring; ask the jeweler about the cost associated with fixing the missing piece of metal.

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