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How you can keep telling your story and look great while doing it! Our professional, in-house custom jewelry designers will guide you through the process and bring your ideas from imagination into reality.

Do you have a piece of jewelry handed down to you that you treasure, but it's just not your style? Or maybe you’ve outgrown the jewelry you’ve worn to pieces, but don’t have the heart to get rid of it? Turn your beloved jewelry into something you'll continue to wear for years to come with help from the custom design experts at Cline Jewelers. Let’s write a new chapter of that piece’s story, get inspired by some of our favorite jewelry redesigns before you book an appointment with us to start your own jewelry journey!

Cline 0522 Jewelry Restyle
A Tribute to Love

Redesigned Two Pieces to Create One Unique Memory

Anniversaries are certainly something worth celebrating. In this custom redesign, our client upgraded the size of her diamond for her wedding anniversary and decided the original diamond needed a new home. For her custom redesign, we combined her original diamond with a diamond heart pendant her Grandfather gave her when she graduated from college in 1989. A tale of repurposed vintage jewelry into a timeless and elegant design.

Cline 0522 Jewelry Restyle (1)
Standing The Test Of Time

A Jewelry Redesign that Will Last Forever

There is nothing quite as special as paying homage to a family heirloom. Our customer inherited this beautiful emerald ring but found it too formal for everyday wear. Often this treasured piece was left sitting at home in the jewelry box, unworn. For her heirloom redesign, we reset her emerald and diamonds into a sleek-looking ring with flush-set mountings that she can show off to her loved ones, no matter the occasion!

Cline 0522 Jewelry Restyle (3)As Good As Gold

A Redesign that Reuses the Best Parts of Your Favorite Pieces 

Our client had a few pieces of vintage gold jewelry that she found herself no longer wearing. She wanted to use the gold and diamonds from her previous pieces and combine them into one beautiful new ring. We crafted a statement fashion ring with a wide band to showcase all of her diamonds. She chose to use a bezel setting for the diamonds to ensure the jewelry was smooth and comfortable so that she could wear it often. We incorporated all her ideas into this fabulous ring, and the before and after will shock you!

Cline 0522 Jewelry Restyle (5)Three Generations of Sparkle

A Redesign that Created 3 Inspired Pieces from a Single Brooch

This brooch was inherited by our client from her grandmother. With permission from her mother, who had inherited the brooch before her, she wanted to create a piece(s) that could be worn more often and fit her style just a little bit better. The pair spoke to her grandmother and she loved the idea, she just wanted to see her granddaughter wearing her diamonds!  So, we reset the diamonds from the brooch to make a diamond ring, a  crescent moon custom pendant, and a star bracelet. What's even better about this repurposed vintage jewelry is that the diamonds are all old mine cuts, which were faceted in the late 1800s and early 1900s when the star and moon jewelry was really gaining popularity!

It’s time to restyle those family heirlooms, redesign wedding rings, or just make old jewelry feel new again. Come shine with Cline and start your jewelry restoration or custom redesign.

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