Why Cline?

A multi-generational family business born in 1980, we’ve grown to a full-service jeweler with an extensive collection of diamonds, gems and fine jewelry and in-house custom design and repairs.  We became the trusted jeweler and friend of many families through our jewelry and services. Whether you’re looking for the best gift for a loved one or to add more sparkle to your day, Shine with Cline!



The jewelry of your dreams, created artistically, locally, in Edmonds, just for you!

We love all the sparkling pieces in our store, but custom design is our passion!  If you don’t see exactly what you want, we’ll make it for you!  Our team of artists, gemologists, and master craftsmen can revive an old heirloom or dated piece into something fresh, revitalized, and perfectly you! Or, simply bring your jewelry dreams to us. We’ll guide you through the process from the idea all the way to the finished custom piece that tells your personal love story!


In-House Repairs

Life happens...and it sometimes can take a toll on your jewelry.  We have multiple master jewelers on staff.  Our shop is equipped with the latest technology so every repair will be done to meticulous standards.  Your precious and sentimental pieces never leave our store. 


Mine to Cline

We’ve become a destination for colored gemstones.  We’ve traveled the world and selected one of the best gem faceters to bring Edmonds some of the most vibrant, beautiful colored gemstones from zircon, sapphire, tourmaline, garnet, spinel and so many more.  We can’t wait to tell you about the journey from the Mine to Cline.


Lifetime Upgrades

As your love grows, so can your diamonds.  You’ll get what you paid Cline Jewelers for your center stones and studs when you upgrade.



Cline Jewelers is a local, family-owned business and appreciates the patronage of our friends and neighbors!  We are very proud of Edmonds and our surrounding communities.   Giving back to our community, both in action - involvement in organizations - and in financial contributions to non-profits is an honor and privilege.  


Free Care And Cleaning

Not only do we care about you, we care about your jewelry too. That’s why we offer free cleaning and inspection services to our customers. Bring in your rings every year and have the prongs checked to make sure that you never lose a gemstone. When your jewelry looks good, we look good too!


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