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Since 1980, Cline Jewelers has been one of the most trusted jewelry stores in the Edmonds region. We grew with our community from a small store to a full-service jeweler with an extensive collection of major brands and custom jewelry design services. We have served generations of families as their trusted jeweler for brilliant diamonds, beautiful fine jewelry, custom engagement rings, and expert jewelry repairs. But beyond what we sell, we’re committed to making every customer feel at home in our relaxed, casual atmosphere.

We’re A Neighbor You Can Trust

Buying jewelry is all about trust. You can trust us because we’re an active part of your community. We support local charities and volunteer our time to support local causes. We’re here for you and your neighbors and will serve you above and beyond what a franchise would because we know that word of mouth is the lifeblood of an independent, community business.

We Grow With You

Sometimes as your life changes, your jewelry needs to change, too. We can resize your rings, remount your diamonds or add or remove links to bracelets, necklaces and watches. Perhaps someday you’ll want to upgrade your bridal jewelry with a larger diamond or more stones – we’d love to help you with that, as well. Our goal is to build a relationship with you to last a lifetime and build one with your family that will span generations.

We’re Dedicated to Individual Style

In a world where mass production and volume retail is the norm, many people settle for cookie-cutter jewelry. But when you buy from Cline Jewelers, you can choose styles that have been hand selected for your individual taste. In fact, we keep individual customers in mind when we go on buying trips, and we may select something just for you. From us, you’ll receive a level of personal service that you can never get from a chain store.

You’ll Never Be Just a Face in the Crowd

You are important to us. We’ll remember the big events in your life – your engagement, wedding, birth of a child, or your anniversary. We’ll remember your style – your likes and dislikes. And we’ll help you build a jewelry wardrobe that fits your lifestyle and reflects your taste and your personality.

We Feature a Fun and Relaxed Atmosphere

All too often, the term “jewelry store” also brings to mind the terms “stuffy” and “pretentious.” At Cline Jewelers, nothing is further than the truth. As soon as you step in our doors, you’ll be treated to a casual, pleasant jewelry shopping experience.

We Offer Free Care And Cleaning

Not only do we care about you, but we care about your jewelry too. That’s why we offer free cleaning and inspection services to our customers. Bring in your rings every year and have the prongs checked to make sure that you never lose a gemstone. When your jewelry looks good, we look good too!

We’ll Give You Professional Advice

When you buy from a chain store or a mass merchant, the person behind the counter might have sold auto parts or ice cream the week before. But when you buy from us, you’ll get good advice from educated, experienced jewelry industry professionals. We have gemological training, read professional journals to keep up to date, and travel to trade fairs and seminars to learn all about the products we offer. We can help you be an educated buyer and choose the jewelry that is just right for your lifestyle.

We Are Authorized Dealers

We are an authorized dealer for all the brands we carry, which means we are up to date on styles and service. This is especially important for watch brands, since gray-market watches are often not covered by warranties. The manufacturers of respected brands know that we will stand behind their products and offer the right kind of product education and after-sales support.

We Pay Attention to Detail

We personally select each piece of jewelry and the gemstones in our cases, so we have unrivaled quality control. When a mass merchant buys thousand of items, deliveries are often only spot checked. If you buy from a website or from TV, the quality of the piece you receive may not be what you expect. But when you buy from Cline Jewelers, you can compare different pieces side by side, see the difference diamond qualities make, and also try on jewelry before you buy.

We Can Create The Custom Jewelry Design Of Your Dreams

If you don’t see what you want, we can find it or make it for you. If it’s something simple, you might find it in the catalogs from our preferred suppliers and it can be special ordered for you. We also offer custom jewelry, with your choice of design and gemstones. You can remake an old piece that you don’t wear or make your jewelry design a reality. Whatever your jewelry dream we can help make it come true.

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